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Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District

The Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District is a “Special Purpose District”, which means it is funded by Tukwila residents and businesses through their property taxes for the sole purpose of providing a community pool.  The voter-approved special tax (known as a levy) supporting the TPMPD is 15¢ for every $1000 of a property’s value.  For example, a Tukwila property valued at $100,000 would pay a levy of $15 per year toward the TPMPD.  Other examples of special purpose districts include the school district, sewer district or water district. 

The Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District is governed by an elected 5-member Board of Commissioners.  District operations are under the care of Jennafer Price Cargill, the TPMPD Executive Director.  The TPMPD Commissioners and Executive Director work hard to ensure that public funds are spent in a responsible manner for the safe and legal operation of the Tukwila Pool.  For more information on the TPMPD Commissioners, or if you would like to contact any of them, please go to the Governance page.  To contact the Executive Director, call 206-267-2350 ext. 102.

The public is welcome an invited to attend the monthly TPMPD meetings.  Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at the Valley View Sewer District/Water District 125 Building, located at 3460 S. 148th Street, just west of Tukwila International Boulevard.

Please call the pool at 206-267-2350 to verify meeting dates and times.

Upcoming meetings notices can be found here
View recent TPMPD meeting agendas, minutes and documents here
View 2011-2014 TPMPD meeting agendas, minutes and documents here (City of Tukwila Website)

Thank you for supporting the Tukwila Pool.

TPMPD Mission & Vision:

The mission of the Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District (TPMPD) is to provide the best run municipal aquatics program in the state. Our vision is to provide a sustainable and efficient pool that exceeds the community’s needs.

Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee:

The Tukwila Pool Advisory Committee (TPAC) was formed by resolution of the TPMPD to provide community feedback and support to the Board of Commissioners and the Pool. Meetings are held the third Saturday of the month from 8:10 to 9:40 am at the Tukwila Community Center. Please come be part of the conversation!

Meeting Location: Tukwila Community Center
12424 42nd Ave. South, Tukwila, 98168

If you are interested in becoming a member of TPAC we are currently accepting applications for both adults and students ages 14 and up. Please go to the TPAC page for more information.